Former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry believes that Petr Cech could be the difference

Former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry believes that Petr Cech could be the difference between the gunners reclaiming the Premier League title once again.

The former Chelsea goalkeeper has been in inspirational form throughout the campaign and he has started in all of the league matches. His signing was expected to make a significant difference to the defence of aspect of Arsenal. It has been proved true since the gunners now have the second-best record when it comes to conceding goals. They have let in a mere 21 league goals in the league so far. Only Tottenham – with 19 league goals conceded – are ahead of them in this respect.

Henry says that the presence ofCech has been the defining factor in making Arsenal has table leaders. In the past, goalkeepers have let down the club significantly by making a consistent amount of errors over the course of a season.Cech has managed to keep his errors down to a bare minimum and his presence has in turn given a lot of confidence to the defenders. Henry has recalled the game against Stoke City in which the opposition tried everything to score against Arsenal, but their efforts were repelled by the brilliance of the 33-year-old. Chelsea decided to sell him after seeing the emergence of Thibaut Courtois, but it has invariably aided their arch rivals.

“He is the difference.We always talk about goal-scorers, the guy that can provide assists, guys who are good at the back – but you need an amazing goalkeeper if you want to win the title and Petr Cech, what he’s doing at the moment is absolutely amazing.What he did against Stoke City, he actually kept them at bay and they couldn’t find a way to score. It is kind of weird when you see him wearing the Arsenal shirt. I’m happy about it,” said Henry.