The recent performance of Chelsea has been quite disturbing and has put all the members to shame. They have lost most of their respect from the fans since their terrible defeat to Napoli.

The match which ended in a 3-1 loss was quite a sad piece of news for the entire team and since then there has been a number of allegations thrown forth at the Chelsea boss Andre Villas Boas about his inability to manage the team and make them perform.

However, this has been shunned away by the Chelsea goal keeper Petr Cech as well as some of the other eminent players who go on to support Andre Villas Boas and make sure to mention that Andre should not be blamed entirely for each individual player’s mistakes. Petr Cech supports Andre whole heartedly and says that he has put it a lot of effort to ensure that each of the players are coached well and are mentally and physically fit for the game.

However, at times, there might be certain issues which rise out of the blue which might not have been anticipated by anyone. The game did have a lot of attacks and counter attacks and it was a fun game to watch, but the opponent team was quite strong in their attack and did not spare any loose or vacant end in the defense. It was a game where each player had to be on their toes in alert position throughout to prevent any form of entry through the defense line.

Petr Cech hopes that Chelsea manages to improve t=in the future matches and build up their name again and manage to get their fans back to rejoicing for their team rather than sulking around at their loss.