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Petr Points out a Recent Rule Error in a Man United Game

Petr Cech has been in the news recently regarding a controversial goal in a recent derby of Manchester United. He has been asking for a redressal of a goal decision and it appears that he was right. Petr is a former goalkeeper of Chelsea who is currently playing for Manchester United.


The Red Devils scored an equalizing goal on Saturday against Manchester City. This has caused a debate among pundits and fans. This is regarding the leveling goal that Bruno Fernandes scored in the Saturday match at the Old Trafford stadium. Marcus Rashford was in an offside position during the build-up to scoring the goal. Officials decided that he did not interfere with the goal score. However, Petr felt otherwise. Hence he reacted after the goal decision was made.

Petr showed his reactions on social media. He tweeted that the first goal of United was made in a way that was not commensurate with the rules. His post went viral which raked up 80,000 likes and more. It also attracted comments over 3000. His view is as per offside rules set down by FIFA and experts admit that Petr is right. As per the rules of FIFA, a player could interfere with play if they touch a ball that is on its way and passes them. Also, they could interfere with a ball’s passage even if they do not touch it directly.

In such instances, the referee needs to determine if the player by the offside interfered. This can be done by not allowing an opponent to play the ball or obstruct the view of the goalkeeper. Petr Cech, a former goalkeeper of the Premier League, has recently joined Chicago Blackhawks. He has been watching their games and viewing the practices. He has also been spending time with a former Czech teammate, Petr Mrazek.