Petr Cech has backed the decision of the Chelsea owners to sack the manager Roberto De Matteo and has said that the owners shouldn’t be criticized for their decision.

Because of Chelsea’s poor performance in the last few matches, the manager of the Club, Roberto De Matteo was sacked by the owners a couple of days back. This decision was a bit surprising as Chelsea won a lot of matches under De Matteo and nobody has expected him to be sacked. Many players are criticizing the Chelsea owners for taking this strange decision.

When asked about the termination of De Matteo, Cech said, “Look, he has done a lot for us in the past; that’s for sure, but, what happened to him is not bizarre. He is not the first manager to be sacked. The managers have been sacked on numerous occasions before. It happens in football world and there is nothing new in it. I just don’t understanding why people are criticizing the owners.”

“I respect him a lot both as a player and as a manager. He changed the whole attitude of the team after his arrival at the club. He was one of the main reasons why we won the Champions League in the last season. But, the team struggled in the last few matches and he had to pay the price. That’s football world for you.”

When asked if this controversy has affected the team in an adverse way, Cech said, “I don’t think so. The players aren’t affected too much by this. We have to work under a new manager now and we are looking forward to it. There are some important matches ahead. Hopefully, we would play better in those matches and would get back at the top of the points table.”