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Can Arsenal go for the Title?

Arsenal has a number of established first team footballers at the moment who have showed unwillingness to accept the extension offers of the club and are now about to enter the last season of their present contracts.

While that is worrying many of the clubs fans, Arsene Wenger, the head honcho, has remained calm and insited that he’s not too worried about it as it “shouldn’t have any effect on the performance of the players on the pitch”.

According to Wenger, when a Footballer gets onto the football pitch, he doesn’t think about how many seasons he has left with the club and he doesn’t tell himself that now that he is in the last season of his contract, he is not going to push that extra bit and won’t meet the level of his past performances. All a Footballer thinks on the pitch is how he can be at the top of his game and how he can contribute for the club to the maximum of his potential regardless of how much more time he is likely to spend at the club.

Wenger reckons that a lot of other clubs are also going to find themselves in the same situation as Arsenal in the coming years because of the price tag that is there on the players these days. Nobody is available at a low cost in the market and the clubs are often forced to wait for their target players to become free agents before they can sign them.

Whilst supporters are concerned regarding the possibility of the departure of Sanchez and Ozil (either this year for money of next year for free), Wenger says that no player is permanent, and the club still keeps running and it will be the same after Sanchez’s departure too if that takes place. Sanchez staying or going is one of the featured markets on, with most pundits expecting him to stay, and leave for free next summer.

It’s not the greatest of scenarios for fans to find themselves in, especially with Champion’s League football off the agenda for the first time in 12 seasons. Whilst few fans would back them for the title this time around, one person who is willing to back them to win the title this season is former Arsenal striker Lukas Podolski.

The former German international said that they already have a good team and that the addition of some new players can really turn the team into a competitive one – in particular the signing of Lacazette is a major coup by Wenger and that he will be instrumental in taking the team to the top.

“I have watched Lacazette in some games and believe that he has all the necessary ingredients to succeed at a team like Arsenal. He is strong physically as well as technically and this will make him a wonderful addition to the Arsenal attack. The only issue is that Arsenal may be losing Alexis Sanchez during the transfer window.”

However, the former Arsenal striker believes that no player is greater than a team and that Arsenal should be able to cope if ever Alexis Sanchez decides to leave the club. He believes that there is a good team spirit within the team and that they are some improved player such as Xhaka and Oxlade Chamberlain that can help bring the club forward.

Podolski encouraged fans to get behind the team and to forget their differences – the team needs the fans especially in the home games and they should make sure that they have a wonderful atmosphere at the Emirates in order to encourage the team in the big game.