Petr Cech not blaming fans

Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech said that he cannot blame the fans for booing the team after the defeat against Liverpool.

He stated that the fans paid their money to come and watch the game, and it is normal that they voice out their opinion. This is the second time in a row that Arsenal has lost its opening game at home and fans are becoming increasingly restless. Worst of all, the club has only made one signing so far this season and fans fear that there will be a repeat of last season’s performance.

Petr Cech said that he understand the fans as they came to the game expecting their team to win the first game of the season.

Unfortunately, this did not happen, and they had to return home with a defeat. He said that the team played well for 60 minutes but had a 30 minutes period where they were worse than Liverpool.

The goalkeeper said that the team should recover from their defeat and make sure that it is the last one of the season. He said that there are still 37 games left in the season and that they should play better in the remaining games of the season.
He said that the team lost the momentum when they conceded the goal on the equalizer. He believes that the player needs to learn how to focus on games whether the game is going their way or not. He said that before the equalizing goal he felt that the team was doing well and that Liverpool were struggling to create chances. However, things changed as soon as they conceded and this is what resulted in the defeat.

Petr Cech has urged fans to stay behind the team, and they will make sure that this kind of defeat does not happen again.