Petr Cech is to be Thanked to win over Everton

Chelsea had goalkeeper Petr Cech to thank for after the recent 1-0 win over Everton. Even though midfielder Willian came up with the late goal that won the blues all three points, it was made possible only because of the brilliance ofCech.

Recalled back into the starting line-up due to the poor form shown by Courtois,Cech made some outstanding saves in order to keep the score at 0-0. Two of those saves – from shots by former blue Romelu Lukaku – were critical during the 90 minutes, butCech later praised the team for keeping their belief and getting three points.

This result was extremely crucial considering that Manchester City were comfortably winning 4-1 against Stoke City in their match. This meant that they would have closed the gap to Chelsea to within five points once again. As it is, the lead for Chelsea remains at a comfortable seven points.Cech will be looking to maintain the starting spot ahead of the young Belgian international, who has been looking susceptible of late. In such an eventuality,Cech could not have done better as he kept his fourth straight clean sheet in the league. The Czech Republic stopper has featured in only eight matches this season.

“In a difficult time you need to survive the moment which is not going well for you.You need to have the discipline not to try to do things which wouldn’t help; you try to do things which might help you to get through the difficult period in the game.We have the belief that once you overcome the difficult period of a game you can come on top of it.A lot of times we’ve done it and it’s great to see that we haven’t lost this kind of touch,” said Cech after the match.